Never Say Never

When I was 13 years old, my club volleyball team went ice skating at Crown Center for a team night. Time has probably made the memory worse than it is, but I remember being the only one who had zero talent and ability to ice skate. The team went off skating together and I struggled behind, eventually giving up and sitting with the coaches on the sidelines. Fitting in was never easy for me because deep down a part of me always felt different and out of place.

After that, I suddenly had a strong aversion to ice skating and planned on never setting foot on the ice again. Usually when I make plans to never do something again, I always find myself doing it again eventually. And last night, I found myself back at the Crown Center Ice Terrace.




Sean King, “Do you want to take a picture before you fall?”




I wasn’t nearly as bad a I remember, although not nearly as good as the former hockey player I went skating with. But I’m more comfortable with myself now than I was at 13 and found it easier to skate at my own pace around the rink, looking at the beautiful lights, enjoying the nice weather, watching the little kids trying to skate and being grateful that I had someone to catch me every time I almost fell.


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