Lunch Date with Shan

A lot of “ends” are quickly approaching–end of 2014, end of the semester, end of what seems like the never ending holiday season.

I’m ready for this year to be over but unsure of what 2015 will bring.
I cannot WAIT for this semester to be done but next semester will bring new challenges and that scares me.
I know the time will fly between now and Christmas which equally excites and overwhelms me.

Putting all the upcoming endings out of my mind, I got some much needed time with my blonde best friend and was able to relax and talk about things I can really only talk to with her. A year ago, I was sending her handwritten letters from an in-patient treatment center in South Dakota. Now, I get to eat pizza and laugh at the awkward waiter with her. Worrying can wait.




Shannon Keith
, “I’m really awkward now with people who aren’t in hospital beds.”





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