My Own Worst Enemy

I’ll admit it: I love being the best, I hate being wrong and I don’t like someone telling me how to live my life. I know I can’t be the only one….

Sean King, “Tell me to go right, and I’ll go left with an attitude.”

The truth is that always needing to be the best prevented me from trying new things. Not wanting to admit I was wrong kept me in miserable situations out of pride, and honestly, looking at some of the choices I have made, I obviously have no clue how to successfully live my life.

As much as I would like to proclaim myself cured of this twisted thinking, I can only claim improvement. That’s probably all I’ll ever be able to call myself–a constant work in progress; but, I’d rather be a work in progress than miserable and bitter.

Someone told me this morning, while we were running, that it didn’t matter how fast I finish; it just matters that I finish. The voice in my head told me “no, you should probably stop, you can’t do this” but thankfully, the voice of someone who cares about me told me, “You can do it.”



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