Walking My Own Path

I decided to take a break from procrastinating my current schoolwork and listening to the most recent Weezer album to announce my official admission back to the University of Missouri at Kansas City. That’s right, this girl is gonna be a kangaroo.

Papa Griff, “You’re now considered an ‘alternative student’.”

The plan right now is to finish as quickly as possible and graduate with a Secondary Education English degree. I think I’ve finally accepted that my life path took a different turn and that its okay that I won’t be graduating this May with my friends. Too much of my time has been spent hating myself for leaving Drake. I love the school and the people I met there, my Delta Gamma sisters, the crazy women of Ibex Ultimate and Des Moines. A small piece of me may always wonder what it would’ve been like if I wasn’t an addict and could’ve stayed in school. In the end, that doesn’t really matter.

Photo on 10-5-14 at 4.47 PM

What matters is that today, I’m very grateful for the time spent at Drake University and very excited to see where life takes me at UMKC.


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