Gotta Believe

The Kansas City Royals went 29 years without seeing post season play. And in case anyone didn’t hear, they ended that last night by winning (in extra innings) the Wild Card game against Oakland. It was one hell of a game. Down by 4 at one point, the Royals didn’t give up.

Even though it actually is just a game, it still gave me hope.

Sometimes the past replays itself on repeat in my mind. Part of me regrets some of things I did and some of the people I associated with; but the other part of me knows that all of it made me who I am today. Today, I choose who I surround myself, and I find myself with people who make me want to be better, but who also care for me just as I am.



Sean King, “I’m never letting you order enchiladas again. You’re always unhappy.”


Papa Griff, “I should’ve been a
baseball coach…or a male model.”


, “Were you ever a skater?”
Sean King, “Nope. Just a poser.”

If the Royals can make the playoffs after 29 years, anything is possible.


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