On the Mend

The last few days have consisted mostly of sleeping, soup, not showering and definitely not leaving the house. Thank you, strep throat. But like it always does, the fog begins to clear, and I can see the end of this illness in the not too distant future.

It has been a reminder of how grateful I am to have my family in my life, how fortunate I am to have people who truly care–people who risk getting sick to bring me flowers and my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (Karmal Sutra, in case your wondering), who will always offer to make me scramble eggs or egg drop soup and who never forget to say “I love you”.

And of course, the people who make me laugh even when I haven’t gotten out bed and it’s almost 11 o’clock.




Papa Griff
, “How do you pick your nose with that thing [my nose ring]?”
Me, “I don’t pick my nose.”
Papa Griff, “Bullshit.”


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