One Night in Columbia

I could say a lot about Shannon Keith; she’s one of those types of people. There is without a doubt a Higher Power that orchestrated our meeting when we were 14, so awkward and young. Now we’ve grown up (just a bit) and become less (not by much) awkward.



, “Hey, I’ve driven with a baby in the car.”
Shannon Keith, “That’s fucking frightening.”


She’s acting like an adult–working and finishing her senior year a MU while I, in all honesty, am still working on getting my act together. Our lives don’t allow for as much face to face time as it used to. A Friday night sleepover is like hitting the best friend lottery and last night, I won the jackpot.

*while driving back from Gumbys*
Shannon Keith, “Nope, not slowing down for shit. Gotta eat this pizza.”

Despite the rainy and gloomy weather, lack of internet and only less than 12 hours, I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I’m so grateful to have someone in my life who knows and understands me. Whenever I see Shannon–no matter how long its been–, I’m overcome with a sense of ease and freedom to just be myself because I know she’ll still love me anyway.

Age: 14

Age: 14

Me, “Aren’t you gonna recycle those?”
Shannon Keith, “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”
Me, “I’ve missed you.”
Shannon Keith, “I’ve really missed you too.”


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