I Am Not Engaged

My friend, Zach and I have a deal that if in 30 years we are both single and childless, we will adopt a 10 year old (by that age we won’t be in shape for a newborn). That is not a joke, unlike our “engagement” photo from tonight. Since becoming friends, Zach has pushed me to step outside my comfort zone, to smile, to be silly. Some of our practical jokes did not turn out so well. We learned the hard way to ALWAYS have an exit strategy when playing a joke; otherwise, things can get very awkward very quickly.

He became an honorary Griffith tonight by attending a Royals game with us in celebration of Mama Griff’s birthday. While we didn’t see much of a game (left 7th inning), we still enjoyed our night together.



*talking about camping*
Zach Tremper, “I like hanging around a bonfire but then I want to go home and sleep inside like people do in 2014.”

Mama Griff, “He [my dad] talks even less at a Royals game then he does at home.”




Happy Birthday again to my beautiful mother. She’s my rock.


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