The Griffiths Do Dallas

St. Thomas 2012

St. Thomas 2012

My sister and I are fortunate in many ways. But one thing in particular I have always been grateful for is our parents passion for travel. Our family vacations over the years ranged from San Diego to New York City to Disney World to Italy.


But Jordan and I are getting older, growing up–I don’t feel quite comfortable using the word “grown”, and these family trips are going to be fewer and far between. We won’t be cramped in as many hotel rooms together, sharing one bathroom, going on Death Marches, trying new foods and seeing the world together. However, when the stars align and the Griffith family unites, it is always a fun-filled (occasionally stressful) adventure.


*talking about our dresses*
Mama Griff, “She’s wearing cream, I’m in white and Steph’s is off white.”
Papa Griff, “It’s all white to me.”

Jordan Griffith, “We’ll prove I’m right when we get back to the hotel and charge my phone.”





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