I’m as Free as My Hair

Back to school today! The first day of this semester is another step toward the future. Tonight, I caught myself thinking “well at the end of the school year…” and “next semester…” and “next fall…” Not that its bad to think about the future. I believe in working toward your goal, but I also believe in being prepared for when things don’t go according to that plan. Part of what I do to prepare myself is to not get too wrapped up in my future plans but, like most things, that’s a work in progress.

I’m thankful for the people in my life who can remind me, “Why don’t you just focus on today?”



My life TODAY involved rocking purple-blonde hair on the first day of school and making dinner for some special people.

*after my dad didn’t notice my hair*
Sean King, “I knew he couldn’t hear, but I thought he could see.”


Papa Griff, “Its amazing what you can learn on the internet.”


Just for today, I’m grateful for my network who supports my education and my hair color choices.
I’m one lucky girl.


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