I’m a Kansas City Girl

Sean King, “Have a good time at the Nelson.”
Me, “Yeah, I’ll be cultured.”
Sean King, “Like yogurt.”


This past week I’ve gotten in touch with my Kansas City roots–World’s of Fun, the Zoo and today, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. Born and raised in KC, Mo, I remember the resentment and claustrophobia I felt here, mainly as a teenager; I couldn’t wait to get out.

My brief experiences living elsewhere always soured and led me back home.

Kansas City will continue to be my home for the next few years, at least until I finish school. I don’t feel suffocated in this city anymore but rather a sense of peace and belonging. If I’m meant to move on to another place down that road, it’ll happen. But right now, Kansas City and the people who live here are what’s best for me; they make this place home.

*crosses the street as a car comes*
Adair Welsh, “I almost got hit. Well, I made it 28.”

Me, “Geography is not my strong suit.”
Adair Welsh, “Me either. I think that’s why I get along with you.”


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