Just For Today

As my time here in South Carolina starts to wind down, I’m beginning to feel rejuvenated and ready to head back to Kansas City. Sometimes I get antsy and want to rush forward into the future–graduation, moving out, getting a job. Its good motivation to think ahead but this trip helped to reinforce the idea of “one day at a time”. To get to tomorrow, I have to get through today.

When I started keeping track of Quote of the Days in my journal, I didn’t have any grand plans for it except to remember the small, funny moments. Seven years later, taking it one day (sometimes one hour) at a time, the idea transformed into this blog and sharing these moments with others.


Sarah Muntean, “I’ve learned an important lesson today–don’t fuck with Mother Nature.”



Mama Griff, “They call the island ‘Arrogantly Shabby’ but the house we’re at is just ‘shabby’.”

Papa Griff, “I’m going to put on a hat, so I don’t have to brush my hair.”

Since I started keeping track of Quote of the Days, I’ve been to places that can only be described as hell on Earth, but I’m still here. And when I’m swimming in the ocean water, it makes me think that its just a little slice of heaven.


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