The Moments Matter

Tomorrow is my last day of summer school. I leave for a two week trip the day after tomorrow. There are plenty of things (including sleeping) that I could/should be doing instead of this. But someone reminded me that all life is is moment after moment after moment.

My day consisted of individual instances: learning about black holes,
writing a poem,
watching a baby splash in a pool,
petting a Golden Retriever, eating queso dip,
Sean King, “Women can be the big spoon, too. Equality.”

For today, my collection of moments were pretty great. As for tomorrow, I’ll have to wait and see. Each new sunrise is a new start. As my dear friend Wonder Woman says:


A new journey to be started. A new promise to be fulfilled. A new page to be written. Go forth unto this waiting world with pen in hand, all you young scribes, the open book awaits. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be original.


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