“We’ve worked on this for two years. That’s the longest I’ve ever done something…besides smoke.”
–Jacob gaumer


Lately, life has been a dreadful cycle of being too anxious to go to social events then complaining that I don’t have a social life. But no amount of anxiety was going to keep me from experiencing mountains made of sweaters in a garden. Since moving back to Kansas City, it was my first “party” and what an experience–the weather, people, food and of course, the mountains.

“the early bird gets the caprese on a stick.”
–Jordan Locke

Nothing amazing or worthwhile happens overnight. I think people underestimate the commitment art entails. Artist put their thoughts, their hearts, their dreams into what they create. It takes time, sweat and dedication. The process can be exhausting, but the outcome is indescribable and more importantly, worth it.

Me, “I’m a lot more socially anxious then I was in high school.”
Kara Miller, “Well, I’m about the same.”



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