Textbook Inspiration

Confession: the only final I ever failed was Chem I my senior year of high school.

Its okay because I still got a B- in the class, although my ego took a hit. Science and I always had a rocky relationship. My sister flourished in the subject where often I failed to see the point. Who would’ve thought that my first class back into the world of education would be a science course? Even more surprising, my professor actually held my attention for three hours about the subject, and it isn’t something I’m dreading (confession #2: I’m really excited about the class).

Recently, I ran into a brick wall known as writer’s block, but inspiration can come when you least expect it. I never thought I would blog words from a physical science text book; yet, here we are.

“It is not enough to be aware that other people may try to fool you;
it is more important to be aware of your own tendency
to fool yourself.”

That’s a footnote from page four of Conceptual Physical Science 5th Edition by Paul G. Hewitt, John Suchocki and Leslie A. Hewitt. I hope I didn’t break any copyright laws but this had to be to shared.



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