Good Ole Branson

Mom and I decided to go on a mid-week excursion to the exotic yet conveniently located city of Branson, Missouri. It’s a popular destination for retired people, young families with three plus children and me and my mother. To truly enjoy the Branson environment–live theater, themed mini golf, antique shops–I left my computer at home. Now that we have returned to reality, I thought I would highlight some Mama Griff moments over the last three days.



Me, “Do you think that guy would’ve gone for a girl like me?”
Mama Griff, “If you had a dick.”


*after a dinner-theater show*
Mama Griff, “Well, it wasn’t as bad as the Park Hill South production of West Side Story.”

Mama Griff, “I love your reasoning. Its so cute.”

It doesn’t matter really “where” you go, as long as you go with people who make the whole thing worth it.


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