Three Things

1. I spent $23 dollars on apples to hurl against a cement wall. Words cannot describe the exhilarating feeling of watching an apple explode into bits and pieces (somebody will probably hate on me for wasting food, but it kept me from doing something stupid).

Me, “So I got three bags of apples and I’m thinking–cement wall?”
Sarah Muntean, “Are you sober?”

2. A couple days ago I threw myself a big pity party. Too bad nobody else showed up, except my dog. It took some tough love and a dose of reality to get me out of the house and my own head.


Sarah Muntean, “I probably could’ve handled it better. I need to work on my diplomacy.”

Papa Griff, “Yeah I got a move. From the couch to the refrigerator.”

3. I’m not even in school right now and still can’t for summer. Let it begin.


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