Life on Third Floor Carpenter

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown back a blog. I’ll spare most of the nostalgia.

But I will say that without the friends I made while living on the 3rd floor of Carpenter (aka 3C), I may have gone crazy. Well, crazieir than I already did. It’d be a lie to say there was nothing I would change about my freshmen year. But, one thing I know I wouldn’t change was where I lived and the insane individuals that lived with me.


*I walk out of the bathroom in a towel*
Me, “Hey Shree.”
Shree Patel, “….awkward.”

Abbey Barrow, “Maybe in the future we should avoid getting free appliances.”
Annelise Tarnowski, “But we have a cock button.”

Phong Duong, “You know what politics make me? Hungry and sleepy!”

Maddi Sarcone, “One day I’m going to marry for love and then that’ll fall through and I’ll become a gold digger.”

Keller Toral, “If you say Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage.”

Acacia Smith, “Only the paranoid survive.”

Erica Fielder, “According to him he’s a good communicator cause he’s a psychology major but…the dude’s a little slow.”

Me, “What’s up?”
Natalie Nordlund, “I don’t wanna talk about race….or gender…”

I chose to major in magazine journalism and to join a sorority and the ultimate frisbee team. However, I did not choose to live on 3C, nor did I choose the people who lived on that floor with me. looking back with 20/20 vision, that was one the most memorable and meaningful experiences I had at Drake.

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