Half the Birthday, Twice the Fun

It’s amazing the difference six months makes.

It’s also amazing how birthday celebrations evolve. When I was younger, I remember the intense want (although at the time, I mistook it as need) for material things. Then, it changed to the intense desire for money (cash was okay, but the real pot of gold always came in the form of a check). Six months ago, when I turned 21, I remember thinking that I should try to enjoy this because who knows if I’m going to make it to the next birthday. But its hard to enjoy something–even if it is your 21st birthday–when you’re consumed with self pity, sadness and the overwhelming desire to keep getting high.

Tonight, on my half birthday, the only money I received was a lucky two dollar bill and the only check went toward helping to rebuild my savings account. Yet, this was the best celebration I can remember. I didn’t get wasted or high. I was present to appreciate the people joining me in celebration.



Tiernan Eiberger, “Whenever a girl says ‘do what you have to do’ it means don’t do it, but I’m gonna do it anyway.”


*Tiernan and I are both on our phones*
Pop John, “Are you guys talking to each other?”

Mama Griff, “Make a wish!”
Liz Coleman, “Yeah, make it good. None of this petty shit.”

Laughter, great food with family and friends is the best birthday gift I could’ve ever imagined.



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