Stick with the Good Ones

I’ve met a lot of people over this past year–some good, some bad and some I wish I could erase from memory. Today, I try not to give the people in the last category the power; they do not dictate my life anymore. The good people don’t dictate my life either; however, I’m more open to their influence.



Last night, one of the “good” people helped me enjoy a Friday night free of any sway beside beautiful weather, laughter and the spirit of Royals’ baseball.

Me, “Yes! We’re on first base line.”
Haley Cappelli, “I don’t know what that means…oh.”

*talking about when she got a massage*
Haley Cappelli, “I felt like I has a whole new back.”


I’m grateful to be alive and under the influence of good people, not substances.


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