Let It Go

Nothing truly worth it in life comes easily. I’m convinced of that. I’m also convinced, through my own extensive research in the field, that a person causes their own downfall when he or she expects the world to owe them something. I used to live my life waiting for the payoff I thought I deserved, but it never came. The more shit went down hill, the better gift I assumed the universe was planning for me.

In a way, I got that gift–I’m still alive. What greater gift is there?

I’ve been told I need to let go of this concept of “normal” because I’m not. The fact of the matter is I’m not like other 21 year old women. I have the disease of addiction and questioning that fact gambles with my life.

So, maybe I didn’t spend my night out on the town like a “normal” (really, what is that?) girl, but I sure enjoyed an evening visiting with an old friend.



Dave, “When I’m really brain dead, I’ll watch that Law&Order.”

Dave, “In Missouri you could start driving at the age of 13. They didn’t too much care as long you didn’t wreck.”


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