The Definition of Individual

Circa 2011/2012. Meow.

Circa 2011/2012. Meow.

You may not know Jim Orris. But I can confidently say that one day you will. Why you will know him, I have no idea. I just know it will happen.

More frequently I encounter people who try to be “cool” by being “weird” and “different”. If somebody tells me that they “aren’t like other girls/guys/human beings”, my BS detector goes off instantaneously.

When I first met Jim, I can’t say that was the case but I do remember thinking, “this guy can’t be serious.” But he lived in the room directly above mine and we would communicate by tapping on the ceiling/floor. Riding back and forth between home in Kansas City and school in Des Moines for a year and half cemented our friendship.

We operated under one rule: “what was said in the car, stays in the car.” This Throwback Thursday’s for you, Jimbo:

Jim Orris, “What’s the theme?”
Annelise Tarnowski, “Hunt or Be Hunted.”
Jim Orris, “So I should dress like the Predator.”

Jim Orris, “You can tell me anything. I’m just like except I won’t have sex with little kids…just their moms.”

Oh how I miss those car rides.


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