I’ve been sitting here for probably the past hour trying to write something clever and meaningful, and I don’t know if it’s just that I’m not used to naturally staying up this late. Or the fact that emotionally I kind of had an exhausting day. Or maybe its just regular, old writer’s block. Whatever the reason, I’m giving up and watching Netflix.

Just thank you to these guys for making me laugh on a day that started off with me wanting to stay in bed.

Chad Brown, “I don’t need to see my best friend’s balls. The only balls I need to see are my own, and if I can’t see my own balls then…I need to lose weight.”


Blissfield 2012

Blissfield 2012



*via skype*
Tyler Babbitt, “I’m okay with making mediocre grades. I’m an English major anyway, I’m not getting a job.”


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