Down Roommate Memory Lane

I’ve had an egg craving all day. Instead of calling my mom (which I have done before), I asked my roommate to help me hard-boil some eggs. Her response was, “Are you serious?” Followed by an offer to just make me a fried egg sandwich.


Drake Sophomore Year

Sometimes being clueless pays off. However, she is the first of my roommates (from college to Oxford Houses) to ever make me a sandwich. While my former roommates never whipped me up anything in the kitchen, they all played a part in helping me to the point in my life that I am.

So, we’ll call it even.

Annelise Tarnowski, “Well fuck Clay Atkin…except he wouldn’t cause he’s not into that.”

Me, “Wait, so you’ve never skipped a class in college?”
Riley Brady, “Well I slept through a class once but it ended up being cancelled, so I just felt like Jesus that day.”

Jen Evans, “I need to find somebody older–35, single, NOT gay, good looking. Where are you?”

If this tasty sandwich is any indication then I can already tell these roommates are going to be just as memorable.

Photo on 2014-01-16 at 19.54



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