One Night with Mama Griff

I heard someone say last night, “If I don’t wake up dead, what do I have to be grouchy about?” My first thought was all the things I felt that I had the right to be grouchy about. Sometimes I’m all about the pity party, but I’m usually the only there. A pity party is a lonely one.

Then, I looked next to me and saw my mother. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me. I realized how lucky I was to have a strong, beautiful, intelligent mother sitting next to me, supporting me despite all the things I have done. These past couple of years have not been easy and a lot of turmoil came out of it, but one thing I definitely, without question can be grateful for is the relationship I have with my mother. I am always grateful for her unconditional love and support, her faith and her sass.


1.13.12, ,
Mama Griff, 
“Lorde has a new song.”
Me, “I haven’t heard it yet.”
Mama Griff, “Well I have. Two or three times.”

*listening to the Holy Grail*
Mama Griff, “Is this Drake?”
Me, “Jay-Z.”
Mama Griff, “Jay-Z! I always get those two confused.”

Mama Griff, “I’m not good at driving at night anymore…even if I haven’t had a glass of wine.”

Mama Griff, “He doesn’t understand how hard it is to get off my shit list.”

I love this woman. And I’m so grateful she came to visit; it was exactly what I needed.



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