White Girl

In many ways, I detest the stereotypical “white girl” trends. I am so much more than what I wear, what I drink and whatever else social media dictates I should be like because the color of my skin and genitalia. Does the world really think all white girl worship Starbucks, wear leggings as pants/yoga pants/Victoria Secrets/uggs, quote Mean Girls like the Bible, enjoy the tanning bed, prefer Nutella, have panic attacks when our iPhone goes missing and research Pintrest before making any major life decisions.

For the record, I hate Starbucks.

Now, with that said, it just so happens that I’m currently wearing yoga pants. However, I enjoyed a sushi date this afternoon, so obviously I’m cultured.

Becca Milligan, “I like sushi now.”
Liv Johnson, “Congratulations, you’re now privileged.”


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