2013 was…

interesting. awful. hopeful. crazy. depressing. full of changes. chaotic. But most importantly, it’s over.

I’ve been trying to live my life just one day at a time. Some days that’s easier than others. I must confess that as the day has gone on, I’ve found myself living more in tomorrow and the past than in the present. Part of me craves the clock striking 12 and having a whole new year ahead of me. Another part of me keeps looking back at the past twelve months and hoping that the months to come will be different (and better).

All I can do is do the next right thing, live for today and hopefully, keep on laughing.

Here’s a brief review of the [insert any adjective] 2013:

Papa Griff, “I’m not real judgmental of folks but…I don’t like dipshits.”

Pop John, “The role of a grandparent is not to judge. It is to love unconditional.”

Jordan Griffith, “It’s not as disgusting as I thought. It’s snout-to-mouth not mouth-to-mouth.”


Josh Goodson, “Alright, I’ll be right back. Brb.”
Me, “Okay, ttyl.”
Josh Goodson, “Smd.”


Tiernan Eiberger, “Vodoo is Catholicism with a splash of African magic.”

Zach Tremper, “Have you heard the new Miley Cyrus song?”
Me, “Oh my god.”
Zach Tremper, “She’s gone so far from Hannah Montana.”

Tiernan Eiberger, “Don’t text and drive! I don’t even like you driving.”


*watching a couple cuddle at Culves*
Shannon Keith, “I’m all for same love but…I’m not sure if that’s a boy or a girl.”

Mama Griff, “She [our dog] spent all day in the closet and I don’t know why.”
Papa Griff, “Maybe she wanted some time to herself.”

Papa Griff, “I don’t trust these iPhones. I don’t trust them either! They don’t have speed dial either.”

Mary Engleman, “Riddles make me feel dumb.”

Photo on 2014-12-31 at 23.39

Kellie Bratcher, “So much floor space for activities.”

Kellie Bratcher, “My room needs some black in it.”
Becca Milligan, “What are you gonna do? Fuck a black a guy?”

See you crazy kids in 2014.


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