Climbing the Mountain

I over think things—constantly. In my experience with others, I know I am not the only one to do so. A lot of people build stuff up in their heads and make “mountains out of molehills” (apologies for the cliche idiom). Until sitting down to write today, this blog had become my Mt. Everest.

The longer I didn’t post, the more I wanted to, wished I had and the harder it became to do so.

Perhaps it was the nostalgia that accompanies holidays that spurred me into action. Perhaps it was for the first time in a long time, seeing all the people loved. Maybe it was my parents telling me they were proud. Maybe it was laughing because I’m laughing again. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Me, “I made cookies.”
Shannon Keith, “Do you want to tell me more about the cookies? You’ve mentioned them twice.”

, “I almost got my ass kicked.”
Papa Griff, “You’re kind of strong. You could’ve fought.”

Gram Bobbie, “I’m crackin’ up. I lost the crackers.”

I know I’ve said it before, but it feels good to be back.


2 thoughts on “Climbing the Mountain

  1. Love this. Love how you capture moments. I’m so glad you shared a little part of your life today. I truly enjoyed it. So much love to you, my lovely!

  2. Always thought you had a beautiful laugh, a laugh that is sorely missed at school 🙂 So very proud of you darling.

    Btw, I would love to not only hear about those cookies, but to eat them as well 😉

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