You Are My Sunshine

Without the sun, imagine the awful world we would live in. I wondered what exactly would happen. Although I’m sure this was taught in some science class I should’ve taken, I missed that lecture. So, as a substitute, I checked out Here were some of the answers:

“We would die.”
“Well if there was no sun then the solar system never would have formed and so we wouldn’t have ever existed.”
“The Earth would not have an orbit and fly off into space and who knows what would happen.”
“If there was no sun you wouldn’t be asking this question.”

Well, thanks a lot yahoo.

To some people, the sun is simply the big yellow thing in the sky that heats up the planet and keeps the universe rotating. But I think we also have sun’s in our lives. People who radiate. People who shine. People who put a smile on our face.

When Zach Tremper came into my life, he annoyed the crap out of me. But he was dead set on the fact that we would be friends. Quickly, the blonde boy worked his way into my heart. Now nearly six years after we first met, he’s a bright ray of sunshine in my life. His smile is contagious and his enthusiasm for life and happiness is inspiring. I hope everyone has a sunshine in there life, and I hope that sunshine never goes out.

This Throwback Thursday goes out to you Zach, my sunshine:

Zach Tremper, “I think I’m like psychic.”

Zach Tremper, “I could be a badass.”

Me, “There’s people in here now.”
Zach Tremper, “We can still scream.
Me, “We will not scream.”

Zach Tremper, “I loved second semester senior year. It was the best time ever…that’s probably why I failed two classes.”

Zach Tremper, “Have you ever heard this song before?”
Me, “Um, no.”
Zach Tremper “Well its Demi Lovato but you have to get past that.”

Me, “I follow Whitney’s Huston– crack is wack. Those are words to live by.”
Zach Tremper “Yeah or you end up like her…not alive.”

Thanks for being my sunshine.  



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