Once again in the driver’s seat

When I was 16, not too long after getting my driver’s license, I gave Shannon a ride home from a a basketball game and almost killed us. I stress the almost because as proof by this blog, we did not die.

Since then, I can probably count the times Shannon has let me drive on one hand. That includes this past weekend when I visited Shannon, now a nursing student at Mizzou. I couldn’t believe she let me do it, but again, the blog proves that once again, I did not kill us.



Shannon Keith, “I need an animal.”
Me, “Get a fish.”
Shannon Keith, “Fuck fish. You can’t pet a fish.”

*while I bitch about my chewable birth control pills*
Shannon Keith, “Well, do you want your birth controlled?”


It will probably be awhile before I get to have control of wheel again but that’s okay. As long as Shannon and I are together it doesn’t really matter who’s driving.


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