Missing: A Good Title

If you haven’t ever heard “Kentucky Rain” by Elvis Presley–you’re really missing out in my opinion. Personally, I always feel as if I’m missing out of something. Our world is so big and diverse that the search for whatever (apologies for vagueness) can really be one hell of a ride. Honestly, its been the source of many QOTDs. I’m sure, this being a Friday night, I’m missing out parties, concerts or whatever it is people my age do while I sit here in my basement listening to Elvis and blogging. It has been 32 days since I have had a Quote of the Day, longer than that since I’ve actually blogged about a new one. So my search has landed me right where I need AND want to be.

An added bonus–I genuinely laughed multiple times today and I have to thank two of the most important guys in my life for that.

Me, “Do we have enough gas?”
Tiernan Eiberger, “We’re at 33% thats my favorite percentage…except for 100%.”

Tiernan Eiberger, “If I was a dog I think I’d be a greyhound–just a small, skinny fuck whose only purpose is to run.”






Mama Griff, “She [our dog Sammie] spent all day in the closet and I don’t know why.”
Papa Griff, “Maybe she needed some time to herself.”                                   




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