Throwback to the TKEs (whooooooooo)

Inspiration hit me today. Well, specifically it was a trip down memory lane that inspired me.

I’m not quite sure how to describe my first month at UMKC, but I know it definitely wasn’t boring. But, as a commuter and a transfer, it makes it a little difficult to make new friends. Of course, I thought back to my freshmen year at Drake and the whole “making friends process”. It took me a while to find my place there, too; thankfully, I had 130 sisters to get to know and an ultimate frisbee team full of badasses to hang out with, and I’ve blogged about both of them. But there was one more place where I felt, more or less, at home: among the fine, the unique, the men of TKE.



Michael Obert aka Party Paul, “I planked the fuck out of Japan.”

Me, “Look at the jacket your wearing.That’s not hipster.”
Party Paul, “I’m wearing it ironically!”

Daniel Scheetz, “I could be Muslim.”

Party Paul, “God, I hate when things are wet and soggy!”

Party Paul, “Do you grow facial hair?”
Michael Bullock, “Yeah…”
Party Paul, “Well, I don’t. What you see is what you get.”

T-Mo, “Guys, I’m not sick anymore–just shitfaced.”

Dylan Shroll AKA LBD, “We’re [the TKEs] like the alcoholic, stoner nerds…that would be such a cool band name.”

Alek McMullen, “By marching band standards, it was pretty cool.”

Dan Purscell, “I can say, ‘ladies, I’m 9/10th of a lifeguard’.”

I felt perfectly at home with these fellows, and I think it’s pretty obvious why.


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