Early Bird Writes the Blog

Yesterday, I was bound and determined to blog. Despite no Quote of the Day or any real inspiration, I finally find myself following through and blogging at 3:30 in the morning. Its okay–I don’t have class till 2:30. In preparation for a paper for another class, I’ve spent probably the last three hours reading journal articles about how our identity develops in college as students. That’s sort of the topic of my paper but the material was just so interesting that I couldn’t (still can’t) stop. On the bright side of things, I understand how the “hook up” culture mentally and physically wears down college women, and I finally read an article that made my little feminist heart slightly break for those poor boys.

“Putting My Man Face On” by Keith Edwards and Susan Jones took a sample of 10 college men and really went in-depth in regards to society and their masculinity. I won’t go too much into it because it is now almost 4:45 and my summarizing skills really go down hill after midnight.

While catching up on all this reading, I also half-heartedly started looking for a job but just like with the whole summarizing thing–I think its time to turn in the towel on that one.

In case you couldn’t tell this was more or less an impromptu blog, however, I just realized it is Thursday. Time to Throw it Back.


Phong Doung, “You know what politics makes me? Hungry and sleepy!”



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