My Friend Dave

Sometimes I struggle with the whole idea of fate–every event of my life being predestined by some outside, controlling force. But I do not struggle with the purpose of the people who come into our lives, however briefly. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone by accident. Every single person that has walked in and out of my life was meant to do so; some I may have preferred to never meet all. But because of those dark times inflicted by those people, I am learning to stand taller than I ever have.

Luckily, not all the people I’ve come cross are dark stains. In fact, some people I feel very fortunate to have met.I cannot accuratley put into words what it is like to sit, eat and talk with my friend, Dave. He’s one of the most interesting, caring, intellectual individuals I’ve met. He gave me some hope that perhaps the human race is not, in fact, doomed.



Dave C
, “Being a parent is the damnedest thing I ever got into.”


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