Blondes Do Have More Fun

I have two blonde girls in my life right now. Let me correct that–blonde women.

One has been in my life a long time and stood by my side through the shit-storm of this past year and a half. And the other is new to my life but I’m so grateful for her as a friend and a roommate. Both are extremely talented women and by chance, they both have blonde hair. Don’t let the hair fool you.



*watching a couple cuddle at Culvers*
Shannon Keith, 
“I’m all for same love but…I’m not sure if that’s a boy or a girl.”


Shannon Keith, “This is an itty bitty bobby pin. What would you do with this? Pin your leg hair?



Jen Evans, “I need to find somebody older–35, single, NOT gay, good looking. Where are you?”


It makes me sad to see Shan head back to Mizzou (and start nursing school, I might add) but I’m just thankful for the time we have together. I’ll be making a trip out to Columbia for a visit. In the mean time, I have my super cool roomie to keep me laughing.

The last 30 days sure have been interesting, but so worth it. And I couldn’t have done it without these ladies.


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