What I Learned in Chemistry

I took Chem I as a senior and got a D on the final. Yet, here I am three years later and I think maybe I actually did pick up a concept or two.  It occurred to me yesterday that a true, lasting, successful friendship is sort of like a well-balanced chemical equation. Just the right balance is needed to prevent an explosion with unforeseen consequences. I’ve experienced the results of an unbalanced equation–people I thought I knew were suddenly strangers and relationships I thought were life long dissolved into nothing.

Fortunately, I’ve also experienced what can come from the right mix and combination. Her name’s Shannon, and she’s no stranger to being the subject of my blog. Our friendship works so well because it rests on a solid base (of sarcasm, food, pedicures and a unique understanding of each other), yet in many ways we are completely oppositie: but its the acceptance of those differences that makes her the cheese to my macaroni. Except, that weirdo doesn’t like cheese.



Shannon Keith, “I just can’t help that I’m a ‘type-a’ person, okay?”


Shannon Keith, “I’m selectively judgmental.”


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