My Bearded Friend

Few things feel sweeter than my first blog after an extended period of absence. Every “vacation” I’ve taken from the world wide web was legit and needed; I never simply ignore this blog. Even if no one reads it, I still get the cathartic effects of writing it.

In the absence of posts though, I still document Quote of the Days. Names are left out for privacy reasons, but here are a few from these past couple of weeks:

B. “He kept calling them a ‘cartel’ but I’m pretty sure it was just a small group of Mexicans.”

C. “I’m indivinsible. I cannot be divided.”

S. “Volleyball was fun the other day..until I started withdrawing and throwing up.”



During one of my “vacations”, I was fortunate enough to meet and form a friendship with one of the most unique people I’ve ever met, who has one of the biggest hearts to match. When life hands you a person that pulls the true you out, you hold on to him or her. I don’t have to try to be anyone but myself around this fellow who’s doing the same.

Jacob Ryan, “Did you know I’m gay?”
Me, “Shut up.”
Jacob Ryan, “Well, I used to be.”


Me, “Were you a redhead as a kid?
Jacob Ryan, “Nope. Just grew a red beard.”

By the way, Jacob’s looking to grow the beard out big and bushy. Stay tuned.


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