The Ones Worth It Make You Laugh

People intrigue the hell out of me. There are literally billions of individual brains, thoughts, lives, souls out there.  My natural curiosity causes me to seek out friendships with all sorts of folk. It’s kind of like traveling–so many places to go, so many people to know.

By no means am I saying that all of humankind is worth getting to know. I can think of a name or two of people I wish I hadn’t met. But what’s done is done. What really matters is the people I can’t imagine not knowing. Reading through past QOTDs, I was reminded of how many awesome out of this world people I’ve met and had the fortune to get to know. So, I decided to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to one of those unique individuals.

When we first met she kind of scared me, but I soon realized I had found one of the world’s sincerely strangest, kind-hearted creatures. She’s not in to giving people hugs; I think she’d just rather make you laugh instead.

The one, the only, Elle Yesnes; 297132_10150900055475472_726110471_21313141_457234637_n

Elle Yesnes, “I ran here like the crazy bitch I am.”

*talking about Easter dinner*
Elle Yesnes, “Thanks for inviting the Jew!”

Elle Yesnes, “So I think I’m done with this whole binge drinking thing.”

I’ve never met anyone like this quirky girl before, and I’m fairly certain I never will.



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