It’s All Uphill from having to call Poison Control

Today almost started with a call to Poison Central Control to determine how close to death my dad was.

Not quite fully functioning at 5:30 the morning, Papa Griff took a swig of Isopropyl Alcohol instead of his Pepto Bismal. The possibility of some kind of diaster and the fact that I would have to handle it myself sent a rush of adrenaline through me. This burst of energy early in the morning set the tone for the rest of my day.

I didn’t go back to sleep like Papa did (after making himself vomit and assuring me he was okay). Instead, I laid patiently in bed waiting for the sun to peak through and listening to the birds outside my window.

It was a good way to start a day that ended with THREE quotes:

Zach Tremper, 
“Have you heard the new Miley Cyrus song?”
Me, “Oh my god.”
Zach Tremper, “She’s gone so far from Hannah Montana.”


*driving back to Stone Canyon to get our leftovers*
Papa Griff, “Just run in and fucking get it.”



Me, “You don’t make sense to me sometimes.”
Papa Griff, “I don’t make sense to people usually.”


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