We Are the Crazy Griffiths

Alright, cat’s out of the bag: I’m a Ke$ha fan.

She taught me what it was like waking up in the morning feeling like PDiddy. That’s a lesson I can’t put a price on. So, I finally gave in an bought her latest album. Not sure what took me so long. They way I’ve always seen it is Ke$ha is like Lady Gaga except less bizarre and a little more trashy. Gotta love her for it. Her latest video for “Crazy Kids feat. Will.I.Am” is now available: click here. Check it out if you have like three minutes to kill.

Also, the QOTD has nothing to do with Ke$ha. She just come up on my shuffle when I sat down to write. It’s about my dad and my dog and his irrational concern with her self esteem.


Papa Griff, “Do you want to hold her? I’d think she like it.”
Me, “No. Why?”
Papa Griff, “She’s acting goofy. I think she’s insecure.”


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