Signing Off (for a few days)

Dear Outside World,

Some of you may know, most probably don’t but these last couple years I’ve been battling inner demons. But after so much time those demons transform into outer demons. So, now I’m fighting both. Well guys, I’m really tired of fighting and making the ones around me fight, too. I’ll be off the internet or “grid” so to speak for a few days, out in the middle of nowhere, trying to end the fight.

But I can’t just leave ya’ll hanging on a Friday. Since I accidentally typed “singing” instead of “signing” at first, I took that as a sign. I wish I could’ve gotten better pictures when I saw this group on Tuesday, but the live voice of Stevie Nicks was more than enough:

url” Well I’ve been afraid of changing
’cause I built my life around you,
but time makes you bolder,
children get older,
I’m getting older, too.” 

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