Pintrest vs Papa Griff

It’s truly a miracle. Today, I interacted with the least amount of people as possible and spent 86-92%  of the day in my room. Random bouts of inspiration would hit me, so I did a little painting, did a little writing. But, overall, a grey day. Of course, it’s time like these when the technological generation turns to the “Quotes” category of pintrest for uplifting words of wisdom:

a1f476a200669fde216502668e98632bThat’s great advice, Buddha. I’ll work on it. But in the mean time, I think going to dinner with Papa Griff was a lot more beneficial then anything I find on pintrest.



IMG_2375   5.1.13
Papa Griff,
“You’re a goofy kid. I like hanging out with you.”

He gets me every time.


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