Past Winner Wednesday: Late Night Edition

The summer before my senior year of high school, I made one of the best choices of my life and attended the University of Iowa’s Young Writer Studio for two weeks. I became a better writer and met some of the most amazing people, who are still in my life today. A late Skype session with Tyler Babbit brought up my spirits, and so, before Wednesday ends, I want to feature a past winner of QOTD from 2010-2011. Mr. Babbit placed fourth with 12 quotes. The majority of his quotes came during our often hilarious weekly Skype sessions. Hopefully, we shall be reunited this summer!

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 10.13.18 PM

Tyler Babbit, “Remember how I told you my dad installed something in our house?
Me, “Yeah..”
Tyler Babbit, “It was just a toilet.”

*via skype*
Me, “Tyler, were you watching porn while talking to me?
Tyler Babbit, “How awkward would that be?”

*via skype*
Me, “Who do you think will not be alive in five years?”
Tyler Babbit, “Are we really gonna play this game?”

Every time we skpye, I remember how much I miss that kid and hopefully, we and our fried Beth will be able to get together again like we have every summer since the Writer’s Studio. They aren’t just friends from high school that “hopefully” I stay in touch with, but friends I know will be there all my life. It’s a nice feeling to have.


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