Play Hard, Laugh Hard

It wasn’t tough to decide who to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to. Part of my “projects” during this year of finding of myself includes making scrapbooks–thank you sorority life for making me a scrapbook machine. Today, I put many years of pictures and stats on pages and tried to make it look pretty. Memories flooded back while I worked. I remembered certain games (beating Platte City) of course, but I also remembered the bus rides, the locker room banter, laughter from the bench. They were some of my greatest memories of high school.

Senior Night  2011

Senior Night 2011

This goes out to you, you crazy Lady Panthers from freshmen all the way to senior year.

Me, “What sweater are you gonna wear tomorrow, Coach?”
Coach Durnin, “Honestly Griffith—the gayest one I have.”

Me, “Do we have a game tomorrow?”
Kinsy Kuhn, “Yeah.”
Me, “Is it home?”
Kinsy Kuhn,” Well…it’s either home..or away.”

Coach O, “I just got my bitch on.”

Haley Shelton, “Well I’ve gone from a sports bra to an A cup.”

Mallory Ross, “In 8th grade I caught her masturbating in the bathroom.”
Shannon Keith, “What did you JUST say?”

Coach O, “I gotta go to court.”
Brittney Perry, “What you done do?”

Mackenzie Williams, “She’s probably one of those people that counts up ACT scores and gives black people four extra points.”

Marcia, “It worries me because I don’t like kids giving out their phone numbers and addresses over the phone.”
Tori Kerr, “It was for Jesus though.”


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