Getting Away to Nature

Typically, one might assume from my rough and tough demeanor (see below) that camping, hiking, etc. were my types of activities. To your surprise ever since my pre-teen years (thank god those are over), I slowly started to dislike outdoor activities–rain, heat, humidity or laziness always seemed to get in the way.
Don’t get me wrong I love beautiful days in the spring, the heat of summer and even a little snow fall (only a little though). My point is that when it comes to camping, real camping not building blanket forts in the living room, I am utterly inexperienced and slightly terrified, with not always the best enthusiasm either. But this weekend, I realized its not about the whether or the location or how damn difficult it is to put up a tent, camping is all about the people you go with.

Friday afternoon me and my male friend took off for a reality break and eventually found ourselves at secluded a spot on Smithville Lake. It was a fun, cold, but still a great experience.


three months with this kid ❤

Josh Goodson, “Happy April 20th.”

Me, “That wasn’t me drunk.”
Josh Goodson, “I know. That was just you.”

Josh Goodson, “Alright, I’ll be right back. Brb.”
Me, “Okay ttyl.”
                                                              Josh Goodson, “Smd.”

I cannot wait to be out in the wild again.


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