Flashback Wednesday: c200 edition

One of the best decsions I’ve made in my life was to join the yearbook staff my junior year of high school (gosh, that seems like a long time ago). By my senior year I was a dedicated co-editor and a complete “yerd“.

My junior year I joined the newspaper staff, and I probably haven’t been the same way since. I learned very quickly that there was a certain type of person who joined newspaper, and I was becoming one of them–a C200 addict.

Although student publications are supposed to organized and run by students, we were quite the dysfunctional group–in yearbook and newspaper. A bunch of rebels if you ask me, people wanting to stand out, stick it the man or thought yearbook/newspaper was simply a blow off class. However, Mom was always there to keep us line.

**and by Mom I do not mean my own mother, I mean Miss Megan Hughes

National Journalism Convention November 2009

National Journalism Convention November 2009

Julia Sumpter, “It’s a two day week, so hump day’s already over.”
Mom, “Well tonight’s like..hump night.”

Mom, “Tiernan, keep your tongue to yourself.”

Jesse McGinness, “Basically, just stay away from your friends.”
Me, “What if you don’t have any friends?”
Mom, “Shut up.”

Mom, Megan, Miss Hughes, Hugsie,
You have always been there for me through it all. I don’t know anyone like you–someone who is sensible with a

National Journalism Convention KC 2010

National Journalism Convention KC 2010

sense of humor, compassionate, understanding, selfless. I know dealing with us (and speak for all of C200) could not have been easy. But all your hard did pay off I think. You’ve touched my life in a way that can never be forgotten or replaced. Oh yeah, you crack my shit up too.

Sincerely one of your many students,

Steph (NOT steph-anal)


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