Of Relationships and Chicken

I’m not an expert when it comes to dating, boys, relationships, etc. I’m only 20 though, so I don’t exactly feel behind the curb. Besides, all (well most) of the relationships I witnessed consist of give and take. Except one person always seem to give a lot and the other take a lot. Now, how is that fair?

I’ve met women who have given everything, every part themselves away for the sake of a relationship. I’ve seen guy friends go through the same thing.

I lost myself too, not long ago–really, truly, deeply lost who I was and became a person I couldn’t stand to look at in the mirror. Except, my loss of self correlated more with drugs than with boys. What’s the difference, eh? I’m trying to get better about both.

But in the mean time, I think I’ll just stick with someone who makes me laugh, who doesn’t ask for me to give up pieces of myself or change. I’ll stick with the boy who knows where the best chicken fingers in Kansas City are located.

*while eating at Pizza Ranch someone still had to try the chicken tenders*
Josh Goodson, “They’re alright. Definitely cooked in a conventional oven.”

(p.s. be looking a Past Winner Wednesday post later day!!! yay for back to blogging)


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