Throwback Thursday: Griffith Family Vacations

Blogging from Branson. The Griffith’s decided to take a relaxing three day weekend down in the Ozark country. We’ve been here countless times, but in Branson, there’s always something to do, see or eat. As with all of our family vacations–big or small–, Mom and Dad always say a quote-worthy thing or two. For this Throwback Thursday, I’ll give you an example of our vacation antics.

First, let me set the scene:

Summer of 2010. Italy. July. It’s hot and we’re half-way through our 2 week excursion. In Florence, poor Papa falls ill. He trucked out to the Tuscany countryside with us but later would end up in the Florence ICU with kidney failure (spoiler alert: he doesn’t die).

Papa Griff, “If I make it out of this alive, I’m going to live a good and virtuous life.”

Fast forward a year–Papa Griff, alive and well, is living out his virtuous life on the beaches of South Carolina on our 2011 summer vacation.

Jordan Griffith, “You know why you can’t smell.”
Papa Griffith, “Why?”
Jordan Griffith, “Because you smoke.”
Papa Griffith, “Not that much! More than your mom thinks…but not that much.”

Can’t wait to see what this weekend holds.


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