Puppy Love & Lunch Dates

Anyone who knows me well, follows me on Twitter or Instagram knows I have a slight obsession with my dog, Sammie. At first, I resented moving back home and feared I would feel like a caged animal. Not that I haven’t felt that way a time or two, but, moving back home gave me the opportunity to spend every day with this 10 lbs, demanding and freaking adorable dog. She puts a spell on you, so that you’re wrapped around her little paw.

My sister, equally in love with this dog, decided to demonstrate this morning what she learned from watching Rachael in regards to how to resuscitate our little puppy incase she can’t breathe.


Jordan Griffith,
 “It’s not as disgusting as I thought. Its not mouth-to-mouth but snout to mouth.”  

AND (I shared a late lunch with the BFF home on spring break, so naturally she made the list)

Shannon Keith, “He pokes me frequently on Facebook, and I just don’t know what to do about it.”


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