The Game of LIFE

The Game of Life is so easy. I’m serious you have to be a dummy not to get it. You know, you get to spin a dial to pick a career (and hey you can be a doctor), pick a house, get married, have babies, take trips, have more babies, declare bankruptcy and in the end, you still get to have a nice retirement. What a life.

Well, with my luck, I always landed on Triplets. Ugh.

Obviously, I’m talking about the literal board game “Life”, we all played growing up. It’s a game that makes children feel like they’re playing grown up, and it makes adults wish that life–at one time or another–actually had a rule book. But hey, real life’s a bitch. I think the sooner I let go of trying to pull the strings of fate, the easier the days will get.

But of course, if Josh had his way there would be a rule or two.

Josh Goodson,
“There should be a law about not fucking with people who have brooms in their hands, or just common sense. One of the two.”


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